Twin Peaks Japan Vision

【Balance Creation】

One peak means Customers and the other peak means Suppliers.
Our Motto is to fully understand our Customer’s demands and inform them to Suppliers speedy and accurately to fulfill the Customers requirements.
We believe it is way to get ‘Confidence’ from Customers and Suppliers.
Twin Peaks Japan stands by keeping good balance between Customers and Suppliers for establishing tough and strong relationships.


Twin Peaks Japan Company Policy

・Keeping our vision in mind and trust it is way to get ‘Confidence’ from Customers and Suppliers.

・Complying regulations and law by acting with moral and common sense.

・Creating tough and strong relationships with Customers and Suppliers by acting reliable daily correspondence.


Twin Peaks Japan Business Contents

1. Food import and sales

Importing food (mainly Frozen Processed products, meat and vegetable) from world suppliers and introducing to domestic market.
Supporting your private-brand producuts development. We also support your products design specifications,products improvement,quality charge, Label indication and so on.

2. Food export

Along With the Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry Fisheries export promotion policy,introduce Japanese food to oversea valuable market.